Privacy Statement

Privacy statement

Just like any other small enterprice DELPHI Sleutelbeheersystemen has to deal with existing laws and regulations.

When you leave information on this website you will enable DELPHI Sleutelbeheersystemen to gather personal information about you. Ofcourse we will handle these data thoughtfully. When you will decide to do business with us, we will use the data to perform the contracts with us.

We will “no way” hand over your data to third parties, unless the hereafter mentioned exceptions will be applicable.

Further more we gather and analyse information about the usage of our website, like the number of hits, the visited pages, browsertype, IP-addresses, the most visited pages, what is the last and previous visited website and the amount of time of your website-visit. We will use these data to improve and optimalize our website.

Our privacy statement does not apply websites of third parties that are linked with our website through weblinks. We do not accept any responsibility or liability about how these third parties handle personal data.

Therefore we advise you to stay informed about the privacy policy on these websites.

DELPHI Sleutelbeheersystemen has the right to make changes in this privacy statement. We advise you to read this privacy statement on a regular basis.


What you will read below applies to all webpages on this website. By visiting this website you agree with this disclaimer.


The information DELPHI Sleutelbeheersystemen provides comes from sources that may be considered reliable, but we cannot guarantee the correctness and integrality.

The main purpose of this information is to give you an idea of our service. DELPHI Sleutelbeheersystemen is able to adjust the information at any moment without previous announcement.


You cannot derive rights form the information on our website and we cannot guarantee that this website is flawless and functions without interruptions. We do not accept liability for the content of this website or for the websites we link to and those who link to us.

You will protect the publisher, employees, representatives, license holders, trading partners and the author of this disclaimer against and safeguard them against judicial and extrajudicial measures, convictions etc. including the cost for legal counsel, accountants etc. that are set by third parties as a result of or related to the usage of webpages on this website, your infringement on whatever legislation or rights of third parties.


Ofcourse you are personally responsible for the information you look up and use. The information on our website can only be used by yourself and cannot be transferred, multiplied, edited or distributed otherwise.

Barring this disclaimer the publisher is not responsible for files of third parties that are linked to this website.

There is no acquisition freedom regarding the content of this website: all author rights, also the rights mentioned in art. 15 of the Auteurswet are reserved. Dutch law is applicable.