Stainless steel Keyrings

Stainless Steel Tamper Proof KeyRings are especially developed by KeySystems, Inc. USA to be used in the electronic SAM (Security Asset […]

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Morse KeyRings

The stainless steel KeyRings from Morse Watchman are 4 mm thick and can be closed by pressing both ends to […]

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Rivet KeyRings

These KeyRings are made of chromed steel and can be closed by pressing both ends of the KeyRings towards another […]

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Flexible stainless steel KeyRings

It is very easy to make these KeyRings in any size you want. Just cut a piece of the stainless […]

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flex-stainless steel-KeyRings -with-coating

When a thinner flexible KeyRing is needed, we can deliver the flexible ‘twisty’ KeyRings with have a protective coating. These flexible […]

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The first step to improve your keymanagement: to make sure that keys cannot been removed unseen form your keybunch. Every chain is ad weak as the weakest link!

We supply a number of keyrings that cannot easily be sabotaged:

Tamperproof stainless steel KeyRings: These stainless steel and flexible KeyRings from KeySystems, Inc, USA are specially designed fort he SAM-keymanagement cabinets and the KeyController and are used all over the world. A high quality product!

Morse KeyRings: These stainless steel KeyRings from Morse Watchmann, USA are re-usable.

Rivet-KeyRings: These KeyRings can be delivered in several sizes. No special tools are required to close these keyrings.

Flex steelwire KeyRings with coating: These coated steelwire KeyRings can be closed with a “twist” without tools. These KeyRings have a diameter of 4 cm en are 1,5 mm thick. These KeyRings can be delivered in several colours.

Flex steelwire KeyRings: We deliver a complete set to manufacture your flexible steelwire KeyRings in every diameter you want. With this set you can make 100 KeyRings.