KeyTracker storage cabinets

An efficient and affordable solution are the metal cabinets of KeyTracker. These cabinets can be supplied in several sizes and can standard be opened with a code. It is however possible to open these cabinets with an electric lock, that works on your own cardaccess system.

This solution has the advantage that your users can work with their existing cards/badges. You as an administrator can always verify which user opened the door on what day/time.

These metal cabinets can be delivered in several sizes and with a codelock, self closing door, emergency cylinder and possibility to bold the entire cabinet withj 2 extra keys.

The following standard cabinets are available:

Cabinet 1 : h x w x d = 43 x 73 x 28 cm (20 kg)
Suitable for 1 KeyTracker 25-panel (on backside cabinet) and 1 KeyTracker15-panel (inside door)

Cabinet 2 : h x w x d = 69 x 73 x 28 cm (30 kg)
Suitable for max 2 KeyTracker50-panels

Cabinet 4 : h x w x d = 107 x 73 x 28 cm (50 kg)
Suitable for max 2 KeyTracker 100-panels

Cabinet 5 : h x w x d = 145 x 73 x 28 cm (65 kg)
Suitable for max 2 KeyTracker150-panels