Flexible stainless steel KeyRings

It is very easy to make these KeyRings in any size you want. Just cut a piece of the stainless steel wire, attach the aluminum part at one end and squeeze it with the crimpingtool. Now you shove the keys on the wire and crimp the other end of the wire in the open end of the aluminium part.

We deliver a complete set  with enough wire to make 100 KeyRings with a diameter of appr 4 cm. This set consists of: 15 meter flexible stainless steel wire  2 mm, 100 aluminum parts, a pair of pincers and a crimpingtool.

For recognition you can attach aluminum keylabels (with a diameter of 3 cm, 1,5 mm thick) or several types of  acrylaat keylabels (can stand UV- en corrosion) on these KeyRings.

SS set for 100 KeyRings         > order code SSset
100 extra aluminum parts      > order code SS100
15 meter extra ss wire           > order code SS15