Morse KeyRings

The stainless steel KeyRings from Morse Watchman are 4 mm thick and can be closed by pressing both ends to another with handpressure. These KeyRings can be delivered with several colours of closing-hubs. Each hub has a unique engraved number and is made of synthetic material.

Morse KeyRings are re-usable by removing the old hub and placing a new one.  The following Morse KeyRings are available:

U-model 3,5 x 3,5 cm  > ordercode KR3535
U-model 3,5 x 5,0 cm  > ordercode KR3550
U-model 5,0 x 6,0 cm  > ordercode KR5060
Round model 8,5 cm diameter > ordercode KR8500

The minimum order amount for the Morse KeyRings is 10 and for extra closing hubs 25.