Stainless steel Keyrings

Stainless Steel Tamper Proof KeyRings are especially developed by KeySystems, Inc. USA to be used in the electronic SAM (Security Asset Manager) keymanagement cabinets, but ….. are also very often used as a separate solution to manage keybunches.

These KeyRings are available as solid KeyRings (4 mm dik) of als flexible KeyRings (2,8 mm thick) with diameter: 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 cm. These KeyRings are closed with a  Closing tool, crimped with a Crimping tool en cut open with a Cutting tool. Each KeyRing has a unique identification number. After crimping the KeyRing is fully closed and smooth. No keys can be taken off the KeyRing without being noticed. These KeyRings are very strong and comfortable in using.

To identify the type of keys/keybunches, it is possible to attach colourcoding on each KeyRing.  This colourcoding is available in 5 colours. We also supply aluminum keylabels (3 cm diameter, 1,5 mm thick) and synthetic keylabels (UV- and corrosion proof 3 mm thick). These labels can be helpful for users to return the keys in the right keyposition.

Hereby a leaflet with an instruction how to close, crimp and cut the stainless steel KeyRings.  For the closing and crimping of the flexible KeyRings see the extra leaflet with instructions.

There are customers that make a mistake about the size of KeyRings they need. Therefore we have made a productsheet that shows the actual sizes and measurements of the most ordered KeyRings. To avoid wrong orders you can print this productsheet and place the old KeyRing on the picture of the KeyRing.

These KeyRings en matching tools are high-quality products. Here you can download the English leaflet of the KeyRings or click here to visit the website of KeySystems.