The SWAT-box is an advanced electronic wall safe and suitable for the (discrete) installation on an exterior wall. This wall safe can as a standard be opened with a PINcode, but it is also possible to open it with a fingerprint or cardaccess reader.

After entering the PINcode or presenting the findger/card the storage unit of the SWAT comes out. This storage unit can exist of an empty unit, a unit with one bolded key position + storage for a card or a unit with two bolded keypositions.

It is possible to integrate your own cardreader with the SWAT-box so you can open it with your own cards. There is also a SWAT-box NE (non-electric version). This SWAT-box can be opened with the signal of your own cardaccessreader-system by wiring it with a 12 Volt connection.

The SWAT-box works with an IP-address and is powered over Etherhet (POE). The wall safe works with the same GFMS-software as the SAM (Security Asset Manager). This is possible with a standalone PC or a LAN or internet connection (so even with a mobile phone!).

Up to 255 SWAT-boxes can be handled with this software.

It is possible for the software administrator to unlock the SWAT-box with the software for a user that stands in front of the SWAT-box.

All SWAT-box openings and taking or returning of bolded keys will be registered in the software. Several alarms can be programmed (f.i. keys not returned in time). These alarms can automatically be send to an email address or SMS-text message.

The SWAT-box has the following measures: h x w x d = 13,5 x 9 x 16 cm. For the installation there has to be made a round hole in the wall with a diameter of 15,5 cm. The wall safe has a stainless steel round cover on the front. When power is down there is always a possibility to perform an emergency opening at the backside with a 9 Volt DC-batterij.

Here you can download the SWAT-box-leaflet.

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