Like the KeyController KeyTracker is a fully mechanical keymanagement system. Your keys/keybunches are bolded in this system and can only be taken out with a synthetic userpeg.


Your vital keys are attached to a  securityseal or flexible KeyRing onto the synthetic keypeg. This peg is bolded in a keystrip with 5 keypositions and will only be realeased by entering and turning a user-peg in the second opening of the keyposition. The key-peg come free and the user-peg is now bolded in the keyposition.  See animation how this system works.

KeyTracker is a modulair system. The keystrips with each 5 keypositions are stacked onto eachother in a metal frame. It is possible to give the keys more space by using a extra blank strip between the keystrips. This solution is called KeyTracker-spacer“.


KT     1: h x w x d =     4 x 15 x  7 cm,  0,09 kg, incl 1 keypeg and 1 userpeg

KT     5: h x w x d =   10 x 55 x 10 cm,  1,36 kg, incl 5 keypegs and 1 userpeg

KT   10: h x w x d =   14 x 55 x 10 cm,  1,72 kg, incl 10 keypegs en 2 userpegs

KT   15: h x w x d =   18 x 55 x 10 cm,  1,87 kg, incl 15 keypegs and 3 userpegs

KT   25: h x b x d =   26 x 55 x 10 cm,  3,63 kg, incl 25 keypegs and 5 userpegs

KT   50: h x b x d =   44 x 55 x 10 cm,  5,44 kg, incl 50 keypegs and 10 userpegs

KT 100: h x b x d =   82 x 55 x 10 cm, 11,34 kg, incl 100 keypegs and 20 userpegs

KT 150: h x b x d = 121 x 55 x 10 cm, 14,52 kg, incl 150 keypegs and 30 userpegs


Keypegs and userpegs are available in several colours and engraved numbers. It is always possible to order extra (engraved) keypegs or userpegs.

KeyTracker is a ISO 9001 and 9002 certified product that is highly cost-effective. It will serve you needs for many years without a problem. We can supply several types of metal keycabinets for KeyTracker keypanels, with selfclosing doors and codelock. In cabinet 1  (h x w x d = 43 x 73 x 28 cm) KT 25 will fit, in cabinet 2 (h x w x d = 69 x 73 x 28 cm) KT50, and in cabinet 4 (hxbxd=107x73x28 cm) de KT100 en in kast 5 (hxbxd=145x73x28 cm) de KT150.

In these cabinets we can also install an electric lock that works with your own cardreader. When it is not possible to attach a cabinet on a wall there is a metal frame to attach the cabinet in an open space.

Here you can download the English KeyTracker leaflet and our Dutch leaflet.

Customers who have opted for the KeyController KeyTracker are:

  • DOMUS MAGNUS locaties: Den Bosch, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Deventer, Nijmegen en Brummen
  • Van den Pol Elektrotechniek te Montfoort
  • Van Delft Installatie b.v. te Nieuwkuijk
  • Hoppenbrouwers Techniek b.v. te Udenhout
  • Dragt te Bennekom
  • O3 Vastgoed bv te Houten
  • Kids Lodge te Houten
  • Plavei te Didam
  • Gemeente Leiden
  • Huylckenstein te Bolsward
  • Van Gansewinkel/Renewi te Rucphen
  • Immpact Ontwikkeling b.v. te Antwerpen
  • Kleurrijk Wonen te Deil
  • De Snelle Vliet te Alblasserdam
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