The KeyController is een fully mechanical keymanagement system. Your keys are bolded in this system and can only be taken out by a user that has a user-key.  There are KeyControllers for 1 or 5 keys in a metal cabinet, or 20 or 50 keypositions in a metal keypanel.  See the picture of all types of KeyControllers.


Your vital keys are attached to the special Tamperproof KeyRing. On that KeyRing there is also the MEDECO (or other type) of contactkey. This key is bolded in a cylinder that is installed in the cabinet or keypanel. Above the cylinder with the key/keybunch there is a second cylinder. By using a user-key it is possible to unbold the lower cylinder by turning the key. Now the keybunch can be taken out and the user key is bolded in the upper cylinder. When a keybunch is out every user can see at once who has it, by looking at the contact-user-key. See the animation how  the KeyController operates.

The KeyController keypanels can be delivered with 20 of 50 key positions and have the following specifications:

KeyController-20: h x w x d = 27 x 53 x 3 cm, weight 6 kg

KeyController-50: h x w x d = 66 x 53 x 3 cm, weight 15 kg

The KeyController is een high quality product and is very efficient. It will guarantee a long problemfree usage.  Our customers often choose to install the KeyController keypanels in a metal cabinet, that can be opened with a mechanical codelock or and electric lock that works with (your own) cardreader. When using a cardreader it is possible to register every dooropening with the software of the cardreader. We can supply several type of metal cabinets that are suitable for the KeyController keypanels.

The upper cylinders for the users can be keyed alike or keyed differently. When keyed alike a user can take one of all keybunches. When keyed differently a user can only take out his/her dedicated keybunch. Ofcourse it is always possible to give a user more than one key when he should be able to take 2 keys at a time. See the leaflet of this product that is called “chit vault” in the USA.

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