KeyBoxen are available:

> from small to big
> tob e opened with a PINcode or cardreader
> with or without registration of the opening of the doors
> with deeper cabinets
> sith keyhooks or keystrips with intelligent keypins
> with bolded or unbolded intelligent keypins
> produced by Creone (Sweden)


The KeyBox BASIC is the simplest cabinet. This cabinet can be deliverd with 1 door, 2 doors or with 6 doors. The KeyBox BASIC (h x w x d = 28 x 35 x 8,5 cm) is expandable with at max 15 extension cabinets with 1 door (plus 29 keyhooks), 2 doors (with 8 keyhooks behind every door) of 6 doors. Larger extension cabinets (h x w x d = 73 x 75 x 14 cm) can be attached to the KeyBox Basic with even 216 skeyhooks. If necessary KeyTracker-keypanels can be mounted in these cabinets. The KeyBox BASIC has no registration of the usage and works only with a PINcode. Is is possible to make 500 user codes.


These type of cabinets differ from the BASIC-version because they have a display and can be programmed with KeyWin Light software. This software registers all transactions (user, day, time, door opening) in a database. The cabinet-sizes and possibilities to expand are equal to the BASIC-version. It is possible to program 2000 users with a PINcode. The KeyBox SYSTEM can also be connected to a (your) cardreader.


The VALUEBOX-cabinets have the same functionalities as the KeyBox-SYSTEM, but are made with heavier steel and has deeper cabinets (30 cm). These cabinets are very suitable to store larger items.


KeyCon is the most intelligent version of all KeyBoxes of Creone Sweden. They have electronic key identification and software to monitor and control all keys. KeyCon is managed with the KeyWin-5 software to register all events. This program can be expanded from 14 up to thousands of key positions in one configuration. Your vital keys are attached to an intelligent key-peg with a tamperproof keyring. The peg is recognized in the key-cabinet. The KeyCon can hold 3 or 6 key-strips with each 14 key positions. It is also possible to deliver an alcohol lock on this cabinet. A user will have to blow in a pipe (and must not have alcohol in his breath) before a key can be released.

There are bolded and unbolded pegs/key strips for the KeyCon 9400 SC (max 3 key strips/42 key positions, h x w x d = 37 x 75 x 14 cm) and the KeyCon 9500 SC (max 6 key strips/84 key positions, h x w x d = 73 x 75 x 14 cm). KeyCon also provides larger key cabinets (floor model). The largest cabinet is the KeyCon 9700 SC (h x w x d = 172 x 98 x 69 cm) and has 3 drawers and a max capacity of 924 key positions!


The newest development at Creone is KeyRack. KeyRack consists of a controlling unit with one or more attached key strips. You can mount these key strips on a wall or in a cabinet. More information aboutKeyRack you can find on the website of Creone.


KeyBox-leaflet with all types of KeyBoxen.


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