SAM (Security Asset Manager)

The Security Asset Manager (in short SAM) , is a high-tech electronic key cabinet, that is easy to operate with a PIN, card reader or biometric reader. There are SAM-cabinets with 8, 16 , 32, 64 or 96 key positions. Multiple slave units (or lockers ) can operate on the intelligence of these cabinets, up to a maximum of 208 keypositions per configuration. SAMs are available with a closed metal door, a transparent door or without the door.

Only authorized users have access to the keys. The administrator(s) can program this by using the advanced and user-friendly GFMS-software. All key-transactions are registered and can be printed or presented in a report. This means the administrator is releaved of daily key-stress!

The GFMS software can be integrated with existing management software. See the GFMS-folder .

After a user has entered his correct PIN, the door is unlocked. Above the key positions for which the user is authorized a LED will light up. The user can now turn the contact key for a quarter and take out the key(bunch). The contact key is a reversible key that operates very smoothly.

The contact key and your vital key (s) are attached to a solid stainless steel keyring  that is closed and crimped with special tools. The keyring is completely smooth after closing and has a unique identification number.

The are several kinds of SAM cabinets:

KSI with standard keycylinders (latched and fixed positions)

with keyhook panels (so-called Valet-SAM)

with separate lockable compartments (so-called Compartment-SAM )

with cardsleeves for storage of fuel cards / access-cards or a combination of keycylinders and cardsleeves (custom)

with smart buttons

with latched or unlatched smart plugs type Phono Jack

with latched Heavy duty stainless steel smart plugs or a combination of keycilinders, and these smart plugs

In the extended brochure of Keysystems and on their website you can find all standard products and some customised solutions.


Dutch flyer Security Asset Manager (SAM)
English extensive pdf-brochure of all products KeySystems, Inc.
Leaflet Valet-SAM
Leaflet Compartment SAM
Leaflet Smartplug SAM
Leaflet HD Smartplug SAM

There are customers that are looking for a solution to store keybunches in SAM-cabinets on several locations. For this KeySystems has developed SAM cabinets with intelligent key pegs (smart plugs). The smart plugs of the type Phono Jack are mounted in the SAM-cabinets with lesser space between them. Therefore more keybunches will fit in one cabinet.

Since September 2013 the Heavy duty stainless steel Smart Plugs are available. This heavy-duty Smart Plug occupies the same space as a KSI-cylinder and can be combined with the KSI-cilinders in one cabinet. This can be very useful if a customer has the need to store a limited number of keybunches in SAM-cabinets on several locations.

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